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Tron Servers

High quality servers for optimal gameplay. Unique concepts for a diverse gaming experience. Features unseen in other servers.

Tron Tools

Award winning Tron tools from map editors to server editors and color tools adding more functionality to your Armagetron experience.

Tron Websites

Websites for servers, tools, or for the community to connect and share, there's plenty to help you on your way.

Dedicated Support

Speaking of help, there are lots of options when it comes to in and out of game tech support. Got a problem? Get it solved!

Tron Servers

Individual corners for servers

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Provides hosting for websites and game servers!

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Take a look at some fun stuff!

Shut The Box

A very simple game of chance using dice. Flip all the tiles to win!

Play Shut The Box

Light Cycle Run

You control a light cycle, and must drive as far and/or fast as possible in order to achieve a higher score. Unlock power ups and new abilities / hidden features! Can you get them all?

Play Lightcycle Run

Cycle Dodge

A small 10 hour project where you play as a death zone from Armagetron. Light cycles come in from the sides and you have to avoid them so the round doesn't end. How long can you last?

Play Cycle Dodge

WegGL Armagetron

This was a rendering test put together to simulate an Armagetron client as a web app. It is just a render test, so there's no game just yet. This was made to replicate the menu system (can set cycle color in menu before render starts), and to test the various visuals and sounds. You can press the buttons provided on screen to adjust the rendering, like cycle speed and position, and some controls like the camera button (bound to c by default, unless you set otherwise in the menu) allow you to test out the various cameras available. More testing will be made available soon!

Preview WebGL Armagetron

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